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Whatever time of year you visit Mt. Pelion, it won’t take long before you realise that this is a place of captivating beauty, blessed by nature like few others. A beautiful thick forest with a ski resort, picturesque villages clinging to the slopes, gorgeous beaches tucked into numerous coves of the Aegean Sea are all waiting for you to discover them. The lovely village of Agios Dimitrios is a central point from which to begin your explorations, located only 3 km away from the beach of Agios Ioannis and 10 km from the ski resort. Here on a mountain slope overlooking the sea, where the green colour of Mt. Pelion mingles with the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, you will find our beautiful guesthouse Villa Aglaini. Away from the bustling city, amid chestnut trees and hydrangeas, with a wonderful garden and a stone-decorated yard, this is a quiet country retreat that features all modern amenities, an ideal base for your explorations of Mt. Pelion. Enjoy a comfortable stay in Villa Aglaini and a carefree holiday in Pelion all year round.


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